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Welcome to The Addy

We are a registered charity, based in Knottingley.


We provide open access, free of charge play sessions for children

and young people.

“Generations of Adventure...
It’s In Our Nature”

The Old Quarry Adventure Playground has been supporting local children for over 40 years.

 The Addy was originally known as  Warwick Adventure Playground and was set up in 1972. At this time, many miners moved to the area and their children would venture down to the quarry to play. The playground was set up to provide local children with a safe space to explore and play. 

Since it first opened over 40 years ago, the Addy has developed into so much more than a safe place to play.


Thanks to many dedicated staff and volunteers, the Old Quarry Adventure playground provides daily play sessions for children of all ages; as well as services for the elderly, children with additional needs and for local youths and tots. It is a space to adventure and be free. 

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." 

George Bernard Shaw

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