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I give my consent for my child to attend The Old Quarry

I give my consent for my child to receive first aid on site and/or treatment at casualty should an emergency arise. 

I give my permission for The Addy staff to sign any written form of consent required by hospital authorities in an emergency, if the delay in getting a parent/guardian signature would be considered to endanger my child. 

We request permission to take occasional photos and videos of children who attend the playground or on trips we provide. This media evidence helps us to apply for further funding to keep our playground open and to prove to our funders the opportunities we provide for your children. No member of staff will be alone whilst taking photos/videos. Photos will be stored as set out by the Data Protection Act. Photos/videos may be used in reports / adverts / publicity / on our website and on our social media accounts. You and your child may ask to see the photos / videos at anytime.

I give my permission for the funding bodies to use any photographs we publish as evaluation evidence.  

I consent to my child having their temperature checked using an infrared non contact digital thermometer and my child’s hands beings sanitised every hour

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