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The Old Quarry Adventure Playground



If ever there was a time that we needed your support, it’s now!

Your much loved playground, your Addy, your charity, is facing potential closure.

We have managed to cover the costs of all of our work for the past 9 years through a combination of grant funding.

However, these sources of continuation grant funding run out in early spring 2021 and due to the COVID-19 pandemic these have been delayed, & smaller pots of COVID funding have taken their place.

We are now asking that you help us to bridge the gap until we find a larger source of income and support.

Thousands of children, many of which are vulnerable access our facility each year, as well as isolated elderly members of our community.

We thank our grant funders, the Big Lottery and Children In Need for their support in making this playground what it is today.

As well as those who have partnered with us through the years, attended our sessions, shouted from the rooftops about us. Thank-you!

Don’t let COVID take this away from us too - SAVE OUR ADDY!

Let’s get to 50 years of play, intrinsically motivated, wild & wonderful play!

- DONATE - if you would like to donate please click on the link below

- CONTACT us - 01977 670953

- SHARE and share again

- FIGHT - fight for your playground, tell your friends about us, post photos, shout it from the rooftops, and hashtag...


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